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Michael A. Nixon, Galveston Partner
Pirates’ Galveston
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Galveston, TX 77554
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Pirates Galveston Contributes $10,000 to Bring GIS On-Line

Jeff Sjostrom, President, Galveston Economic Development Partnership and Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas accept $10,000 contribution from Michael A. Nixon, Galveston Partner, Pirates Galveston for the newly operational Geographic Information System.

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Galveston, TX - April 29, 2004- Pirates’ Galveston, a division of the Blackard Group Inc., presented a $10,000 check to the Galveston Economic Development Partnership’s Jeff Sjostrom Friday April 29, 2005 for the newly operational Geographic Information System. This contribution is the first installment of a $20,000 commitment from Pirates Galveston to facilitate the initial purchase and installation of the highly anticipated system. “Pirates Galveston has taken a leadership position in providing a significant contribution for the GEDP to implement a new GIS system for Galveston Island. This tool is critical to the long-term., sustainable growth of our Island, and Pirates Galveston has acknowledged the importance of this tool through their generous sponsorship of the GEDP GIS system,” stated Jeff Sjostrom, President of the GEDP.

Pirates Galveston applauds the effort of the GEDP to bring GIS to the island and the impact this system will have on the planned development of the West End. “Possibly the most important component of a GIS is the accumulation and communication of data,” maintains Michael Nixon of Pirates Galveston. “GIS provides accurate real-time data; and comprehensive information leads to an improved decision making process.”

Pirates Galveston development strategy places natural aesthetics, compatibility with the existing neighborhood and environmental issues at the forefront. Obtaining an inventory of the physical resources on the Island is critical to eliminating “piece-meal” development and protecting the Island’s diminishing natural resources. GIS will enable contributing entities, including city planners, environmental organizations, state and federal agencies, neighborhood associations and development groups a better understanding of all aspects of potential developing areas in order that sound and most importantly, sustainable solutions will be accomplished in an efficient course of action.

Pirates Galveston will continue to contribute and be an active participant in efforts that make the Island more ‘livable’ as a whole. We will support and participate in projects like GIS that protect, preserve and enhance our environmentally sensitive community as a well as promote growth and financial stability within the City of Galveston.

Pirates Beach and Cove, one of Galveston’s early master planned communities, was created by Mr. George Mitchell and the Woodlands Corporation in the 1960’s. OLY Galveston G.P. was formed in 1998 as a partnership between Olympus Investments and Blackard Development, Inc. when the Pirates Beach and Cove development was purchased from George Mitchell and the Woodlands Corporation. The Blackard Group, Inc. completed the purchase of the Pirates Beach and Cove properties from OLY Galveston G.P. in May of 2004

The Blackard Group, Inc., formed by Dallas real estate developer Jeffory D. Blackard, represents a diversified real estate development company specializing in master-planned communities. Mr. Blackard through various development partnerships has developed over 10,000 single family lots and multi-family, recreational and commercial projects throughout the United States.



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